Oral Surgeons Offering Virtual Consultations

Reach out to our oral surgeons offering virtual consultations. Using our live chat option is the best way to get the care you need during these trying times. It’s crucial for your health to use any alternative measure available to get started on oral treatment necessary for corrections and adjustments. At Lanzi Burke, we treat the most complex of oral surgery cases a patient could be dealing with. These can include wisdom teeth extraction, dental implants, TMJ surgery, sleep apnea surgery, orthognathic surgery, and craniofacial implants.

We are extending our methods of providing service to patients through telemedicine and virtual consultations. By using these ways to communicate with our patients, the video consultations available will allow those who cannot make it to the office the chance to consult with a trained practitioner on how to move forward with their oral diagnosis and assistance. Visit our home page or click here to see how to get started. 

You can conference with Dr. Burke by video and discuss current problems or get advice about future treatment. He is joined by Dr. Guy Lanzi and Dr. Elizabeth Wagner. Our physicians are highly trained and board-certified; they also teach other surgeons the latest surgical techniques and treatment options. Patients gain from over 60 years of combined experience in surgical diagnosis and treatment.

Our doctors are considered medical specialists and have the ability to use your medical insurance for many procedures, allowing you to save your limited dental coverage. We hope your initial conference with us through our virtual meeting will lead you to getting the world’s best treatment at one of our many locations in the near future. 

Contact us today to meet our oral surgeons offering virtual consultations.

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