East Greenwich Township Oral Surgeons

At Lanzi Burke, our oral surgeons perform both major and minor surgeries, to treat most every type of maxillofacial condition. Our team is board certified and employs the latest techniques and technology to help our patients. Lanzi Burke’s offices are conveniently located in three South Jersey locations—for local residents searching for East Greenwich Township oral surgeons, our Woolwich Township office is just a short drive away. Lanzi Burke accepts Medicare and other major insurances.

We offer multiple types or procedures to East Greenwich Township residents, including:

Dental Implants. If you’re uncomfortable with smiling or eating because of one or more missing teeth, Lanzi Burke can help. We can implant substitute tooth roots with single tooth crowns or larger bridges that look and feel like real, natural teeth. You’ll be able to share your smile and eat the healthy foods you love again.

Jaw or Facial Surgery. Facial irregularities can cause great difficulty chewing or speaking, sometimes even breathing. If braces aren’t enough to correct a problem from a birth defect or injury, we can perform a more advanced surgical procedure to help reshape the jaw and correct your bite and appearance.

Wisdom Teeth Removal. Should a wisdom tooth be too large for the space it’s growing into, you could be facing gum disease, crowding or cysts. Our surgeons are trained and experienced in wisdom tooth removal. We can remove them safely and with minimal discomfort, relieving the pressure on your gums.

Feel free to find out more on this website about these and other services we provide, including TMJ surgery, sleep apnea treatment and more. If you’re suffering from an oral or facial condition and need the help of professional East Greenwich Township oral surgeons, contact our Woolwich Township office for an appointment. We look forward to giving you a healthy smile again.

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