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At Lanzi Burke, we are your qualified choice for Evesham oral surgeons. Our Haddonfield office is a short and easy drive away, and we perform most all types of oral surgeries, from dental implants to wisdom teeth removal to facial implants and more. Our oral surgeons are all board certified with a combined 60-plus years of experience, and we’ve successfully treated many patients over the years with oral and facial conditions like yours.

Your life is enormously affected by irregularities such as missing teeth, a misaligned jaw, or crowded wisdom teeth. In addition to affecting your confidence in showing your smile, you may also be struggling mightily with eating, chewing or even sleeping. Your facial and oral conditions could also carry greater health risks, including gum disease, gingivitis and infections.

Fortunately, Lanzi Burke’s oral surgeons are here to help. We can properly and effectively diagnose your condition, and help educate you about corrective procedure options. Our diagnostic technology is among the most advanced in the area, including our 3d imaging and intra-oral scanners. We can pinpoint your diagnosis, and easily share it with your referring doctor to decide on the best treatment.

In your first appointment with us, we will thoroughly examine your condition and go over your medical history, including information from past X-rays and test results. We’ll fully explain our diagnosis to you, and help you decide on treatment. Lanzi Burke accepts most all major insurances, including Medicare, and we can also cite your medical insurance to cover most of procedures, saving you from using up limited dental coverage.

Stop living with an oral or facial condition that affects your confidence and your enjoyment of food. Call the Evesham oral surgeons at Lanzi Burke today, or click here to request an appointment. We can help you restore your smile and eat the foods you love again.

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