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Many oral conditions require treatment beyond the capabilities of a primary dentist. Oral surgery is needed to fix various conditions, and most surgeries are routine without extensive recovery times and missed work. Many patients may feel hesitate about surgery, but it is often required to treat conditions that dentists cannot treat. A skilled oral surgeon can correct the problem with ease while making the patient feel comfortable in the process.

The Moorestown oral surgeons at Lanzi Burke Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons is a reputable center of certified oral surgeons who have over 60 years of combined experience in oral and facial surgeries. With advanced 3D imaging technology, intraoral scanners, and skills, we can effectively diagnosis and surgically treat various oral conditions. Some common oral surgeries that are routinely performed at the offices are listed below.

Craniofacial Implant Surgery

Craniofacial implants reshape bone structure, and many car accident and burn victims and patients with facial defects and disease may need this surgery to restore function and appearance. A seasoned oral surgeon can reconstruct a patient’s facial bone structure to improve their quality of life.

In some cases, parts of facial tissue may be removed when patients have severe malignant diseases, such as tumors in the paranasal sinuses, and craniofacial implants may be a viable option. When amounts of the facial tissue are removed, a craniofacial implant can enhance facial structure and renew some important functions.

Craniofacial implants may be used in children who are born with congenial facial defects. Some surgeries can reconstruct the face; when this is not possible, a prosthesis with titanium implants and silicone materials might be used. Titanium implants are more secure than some other methods. Silicone materials make facial prostheses more lifelike. In fact, an oral surgeon will make sure the prothesis is custom made and colored for each of their patients.

Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Wisdom teeth surgery is one of the most common reasons why patients go to an oral surgeon. Most people have four wisdom teeth that come in between the ages of 17 and 25 years old, and they can erupt at different times and positions. In the majority of cases, wisdom teeth will become impacted because the lack of room in the mouth. Wisdom teeth slowly develop, and pain might be gradual. In some cases, there might be sudden, chronic pain when wisdom teeth are impacted.

Troublesome wisdom teeth are linked to various oral issues. Wisdom teeth surgery can help relieve the following oral conditions:

  • Gum disease: Bacteria can grow when wisdom teeth break through the gum, causing gum disease.
  • Crowding: When a wisdom tooth starts to come in, surrounding teeth may be pushed to accommodate the incoming tooth. This adjustment might cause crooked teeth and overcrowding.
  • Tooth decay: Owing to their position, wisdom teeth can be hard to thoroughly lean. Poor cleaning can lead to tooth decay and affect the surrounding teeth as well.
  • Poor position: A crooked wisdom tooth can grow toward the side of the cheek. In this case, tissues can become irritated, and infection can also occur.
  • Cysts: Fluid can build up in the sac that holds the crown, which can damage bone.

In most cases, wisdom teeth can cause adverse side effects, leading to chronic pain and loss of sleep. An oral surgeon can perform surgery to prevent further damage and painful symptoms so that the patient can recover.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Missing teeth can affect a patient’s appearance and health, but a trusted oral surgeon can use a dental implant to store function and the person’s smile. A dental implant provides a solid foundation, and a person can return to normal eating and confidence.

Dental implants are made of titanium screws, which is essential for health and healing. Once dental implants are secured, they act as artificial roots and provide stability to surrounding teeth. Dental implants are a safe alternative to restore a natural look. An oral surgeon may use dental implants as an alternative to dentures, bridges, and crowns.

Imaging Technology

At the oral surgery offices, advanced, innovative 3D imaging technology is used to diagnosis oral issues. The precise Vatech system provides clear images while minimizing radiation exposure. Additionally, the digital imaging system allows the oral surgeons to perform a greater range of surgeries to better care for their patients.

A 3D image can help doctors see oral conditions more clearly, and these images are often requested when diagnosing and treating issues. These state-of-the-art images can assist with dental implants, impacted teeth, and reveal the extent of cysts and tumors. By using Vatech, the oral surgeons can provide the utmost care to their patients.

What Should I Expect at My Visit?

For many patients, going to an oral surgeon is a new experience, which may lead to hesitation. However, professional and experienced oral surgeons will strive to provide high-quality care to every patient. An initial appointment will start with an extensive consultation to review medical history, symptoms, and perform imaging scans. From the first visit, a patient will have a better understanding of their diagnosis and treatment plan. Patients should bring the following when visiting oral surgery offices:

  • Insurance cards
  • Identification
  • Referral from dentist
  • Recent X-rays if they are available
  • List of medications
  • List of drug allergies
  • Insurance referral form

An oral surgeon will make their patient feel cared for and comfortable. Many oral surgeries are routine procedures, and patients should have all their concerns addressed while at their appointments.

Moorestown Oral Surgeons at Lanzi Burke Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Help Patients Make the Right Surgical Choice

The dedicated Moorestown oral surgeons at Lanzi Burke Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons are extremely appreciative that their patients choose them to treat their health issues. Oral surgery is common and is needed to correct numerous conditions and ailments. After you learn from your dentist that you need oral surgery, do not hesitate to speak to our experienced team. Call us at 856-582-4222 or contact us online to make an appointment or schedule a consultation. With offices in Washington Township, Haddonfield, Woolwich Township, and Moorestown, New Jersey, we are dedicated to helping patients throughout South Jersey.

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