Mount Royal Oral Surgeons

At Lanzi Burke, we’re your trusted choice for Mount Royal oral surgeons. Our Woolwich office is based just a few minutes away, and our experienced surgeons perform a variety of procedures including dental implants, wisdom tooth extraction, TMJ surgery, sleep apnea treatments, craniofacial implants and more. Our team of professional surgeons are all board certified, and we have over 60 years combined experience treating patients with conditions like yours.

If you are suffering from an oral or facial condition, such as missing one or more teeth, crowding wisdom teeth, or a misaligned jaw, we know how much it affects your ability to enjoy life. You may be unwilling to show your smile, or you may struggle daily with eating, sleeping or even breathing. If left alone, you could be risking more serious health problems, including infections and gum disease.

The oral surgeons at Lanzi Burke can help. We can properly diagnose your condition and educate you about corrective procedures. When you request your initial appointment in our Woolwich office, we’ll review your medical history, including any past X-rays or recent test results. We use the latest in diagnostic technology, from 3D imaging to Intraoral scanners. We share our findings with your referring doctor, and work with you on deciding the best treatment options.

We work with you on reducing your costs too; we accept most all major insurances including Medicare, and we also can work to use your medical insurance and spare you from using up any limited dental coverage. We attempt to make your initial consultation go as smoothly as possible, so please view this page to see what you’ll need to bring on your first visit.

It’s time to bring back your confident smile and enjoy the foods you love again. Reach out to the Mount Royal oral surgeons at the Lanzi Burke Woolwich office today, and request your initial appointment to get started.

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