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A major injury to the face can cause a person to break their jaw or lose one or more teeth. An illness can also cause damage to the jawline, as such problems as a tumor or an infection can cause teeth to fall out or produce other issues with the mouth. In those situations, a patient will want to call on the services of a capable oral surgeon who can help with these problems.

An oral surgeon can handle a variety of dental emergencies, including impacted teeth, jaw misalignment, and bone loss. Oral surgeons can treat chronic diseases or conditions that derive from issues of the mouth.

Scheduling an appointment with an oral surgeon is the first step in determining the cause of the problem and getting it treated. Patients can be assured that they will be taken care of and receive the best care possible.

What Procedures Do Oral Surgeons Perform?

Oral surgery pertains to any surgical procedure that has to do with the mouth or jaw. There are a variety of oral surgeries, including tooth removal and those that involve the repositioning of the jaw. Work on the teeth and jaw are not the only aspects of this type of surgery, as an oral surgeon can also assist in the removal of a tumor.

Oral surgeons can perform different kinds of dental specialty procedures. The types of oral surgeries include the following procedures:

Dental implants: A beautiful smile gives people confidence and self-esteem, and it is hard to display when a person is missing teeth. Implants will help restore that smile and confidence.

Wisdom teeth extraction: An impacted wisdom tooth can have devastating consequences on a person’s mouth. It can cause an infection in the mouth and severe pain for the patient. Extracting it will eliminate that pain and prevent any future damage to the gum and jawline.

Orthognathic surgery: This corrects multiple facial and jaw irregularities. Benefits include an improved ability to chew, speak, and breathe. In many cases, an enhanced appearance can also result.

Craniofacial implants: There are patients who suffer severe facial injuries in a car accident or because of treatment of a malignant disease or other issue. This type of surgery can help restore a person’s appearance; with modern technology, the result will be indistinguishable from a person’s natural face.

TMJ surgery: The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is one of the body’s most complex joints. When healthy, it allows a person to eat, talk, and swallow without pain. When diseased, it can cause severe pain and massive problems. Surgery can help repair any damage to alleviate a significant amount of pain.

Sleep apnea surgery: This dangerous condition causes patients to stop breathing at night. It can lead to loud snoring and a lousy night of sleep for the one suffering from it and their partner. There are a variety of surgeries offered that can open the airways to allow patients to breathe easier at night and have a more restful and quiet sleep.

When a patient encounters a tooth or jaw problem that exceeds the expertise of a general dentist, that is when an oral surgeon should be called in. They will use their background to help fix the problem as quickly as possible.

What Should I Expect on My First Visit?

Those who schedule an appointment with an oral surgeon should expect a warm and welcome greeting on their first visit. The surgeon will go over their medical history and discuss their symptoms. The surgeon will obtain any tests that need to be performed such as X-rays and examine the mouth.

The oral surgeon will then discuss with the patient the proper diagnosis and the treatments that will work for their condition. Not every situation requires surgery. There are many non-surgical options available, and the surgeon will recommend which treatment will be the most effective.

To make the visit run as smoothly as possible, patients should be prepared to bring certain documents with them. Those documents include the following:

  • Insurance cards, both medical and dental
  • A government issued form of ID
  • Surgical referral slip from a general dentist
  • Any recent X-rays
  • A list of medications the patient is currently taking
  • A list of drug allergies
  • An insurance referral form

In terms of X-rays, a patient should provide radiographs that are less than a year old for accurate diagnosis and treatment. If a patient does not have anything that recent, the surgeons at the center can take new ones.

Along with the documents, many insurance providers require a referral from a general doctor to see an oral surgeon. A patient may wish to verify if this is necessary and if so, obtain such a referral from their regular doctor before visiting the oral surgeon.

What Technologies are Available?

The technology used at Lanzi Burke Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons is the best in the area and helps to provide the most accurate diagnosis for patients. It also helps when it comes time for surgery as it provides an accurate image of what the surgeon needs to do.

The center’s Vatech digital imaging 3D system uses cone beam CT technology (CBCT). This method creates precise, crystal-clear digital images while minimizing a patient’s exposure to radiation. A benefit to CBCT is a highly accurate image, which means doctors can provide a diagnosis quicker. The result is a patient will not have to make multiple visits to the office.

Given the fact that the machine takes digital pictures, the center can easily share these images with a patient’s general doctor. This will give the doctor the opportunity to collaborate on treatment for a patient that will improve their experience and deliver a positive treatment outcome. There are three popular uses for 3D imaging. They are as follows:

  • Dental implants surgery: The surgeons will use the 3D imaging technology to help install the implants while avoiding anatomical structures such as the mandibular nerve and sinus.
  • Impacted teeth: Many times, orthodontists request these images in planning the aided eruption of impacted teeth, such as canines.
  • Growths: Surgeons find the images helpful in determining the extent of pathology in the cases of cysts and tumors.

West Deptford Oral Surgeons at Lanzi Burke Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Treat Various Oral Health Issues

Pertaining to the Mouth You may encounter a variety of problems with your teeth and jaw that require the work of an oral surgeon. You may believe that you will never feel like yourself again. The West Deptford oral surgeons at Lanzi Burke Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons can help you through your problems with state-of-the-art technology and friendly and efficient care. Call us at 856-582-4222 or contact us online to make an appointment or schedule a consultation. With offices in Washington Township, Haddonfield, and Woolwich Township, New Jersey, we are dedicated to helping patients throughout South Jersey.

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