Are There Surgical Treatment Options for TMJ Pain?

TMJ pain

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is one of the most complex joints in the body. When it is functioning, it can allow a person to engage in simple tasks such as eating, talking, and swallowing without any pain. There are times when a problem will occur with this joint, and it could turn everyday actions into a painful ordeal. The TMJ attaches the lower jaw, or the mandible, to the skull base. The jaw has two joints, each located on either[…] Read More

What Are the Treatment Options for Oral Cysts and Tumors?

oral cysts and tumors

If you notice a lump, growth, or sore in your mouth that does not seem to heal, you may have an oral cyst or a tumor. While hearing the word “tumor” may be nerve-wracking, these growths are usually benign. However, depending on the size and severity of the growth, they can cause significant damage to the surrounding bone, tissue, and teeth. The mouth and jaw is the only area in the body that is made up of bone, muscles, glands,[…] Read More

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