How Does 3D Imaging Technology Help Oral Surgeons?

3D Imaging Technology Help Oral Surgeons.

Three-dimensional imaging systems allow oral and maxillofacial practices to provide a whole new level of care for their patients. This state-of-the-art technology offers doctors the ability to diagnose oral health conditions and potential issues with more accuracy than ever before. The use of 3D imaging is not a new technology for many fields, however, advances in applications and accessibility is allowing 3D imaging to be utilized in a number of new industries. For fields requiring high levels of accuracy, such[…] Read More

Why is 3D Imaging Crucial to Assess Oral Surgery-Related Issues?

3d imaging

With any type of surgery, precision is essential. Accuracy seems even more crucial when the area of concern is the patient’s face. When evaluating a patient for oral surgery, doctors need the most advanced imaging tools available to provide a detailed diagnosis that will enable them to come up with an effective treatment plan. A 3D imaging system produces high-definition panoramic images to allow the oral surgeons to accurately diagnose the issue at hand, effectively explain the situation to the[…] Read More

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