Innovations of Dental Implants in 2024

The first modern dental implants were introduced in 1965 and have been used in North America since the 1980s. Dental implants are a way to replace damaged natural teeth with prosthetic ones, but unlike dentures, which sit on top of the gums, a replacement tooth root is placed into the bone, providing a place to secure the new tooth. There have been plenty of innovations in dental implant surgery over the last four decades, and in 2024, the latest technologies will enable patients to come into the office and leave with new “Teeth in a Day!”

How Does the Latest Technology Make Teeth in a Day Possible?

Getting all new teeth in one day is possible through the innovation of the All-on-X procedure. Instead of getting individual implants for every bad tooth, an entire arch of teeth can be replaced with as little as four implants. The procedure is less invasive than implant procedures of the past, so the surgery itself is shorter, and the cost is generally less than having teeth replaced individually.

Zirconia bridges are the newest material for multi-tooth and full-arch dental implants. Zirconia is very strong and looks like natural teeth, making it an ideal choice for dental implant patients in 2024. In contrast to dentures, All-on-X dental implants are fixed and more stable. Patients can confidently eat a wide range of foods, and oral care is no different than what is required for natural teeth.

What Are Some Other Innovations in the Dental Implant Process?

Photogrammetry is the science of using multiple 2D images to create a 3D model with accurate measurements. Photogrammetry enables the oral surgeon to plan the implant procedure precisely. This computer-assisted technology improves the dental implant procedure by making it more efficient and reducing the risk of human error.

X-Nav, or navigation-guided implant surgery, is also aided by computers that help the oral surgeon with implant alignment and depth. Using a surgical guide created with digital imaging increases surgical precision and reduces post-surgical complications.

Further innovations for 2024 include immediate implant placement. Past procedures required patients to wait several months between tooth extraction and placement of implants. With immediate implant placement, the implant is placed at the time of tooth extraction. Doing so saves time and helps preserve the bone and gum structure by holding it in place. The patient also has no gap in function or appearance as the replacement tooth is immediately placed.

In 2024, dental implants will be entirely custom-designed thanks to 3D printing. Replacement teeth are more comfortable, natural-looking, and durable than ever. Procedures are faster, more accurate, and have fewer complications. If you are considering dental implants, be sure your oral surgeon’s practice is current with the latest dental technology.

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