Can You Get Multiple Teeth Extracted at Once?

The thought of having several teeth extracted at once is understandably intimidating for many patients. It is natural to have questions and concerns about safety and options for the procedure.

It is not uncommon for a patient to require having more than one tooth pulled at the same time. Some patients have tooth decay or periodontal disease, while others have suffered dental trauma or have badly positioned teeth.

If you feel overwhelmed about getting multiple teeth extracted at once, you can trust a board-certified and highly trained oral surgeon. An oral surgeon will prepare you for any upcoming procedure and ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your multiple tooth extraction aftercare.

It is safe to have multiple tooth extraction as long as there is adequate communication and agreement between the oral surgeon and patient. Certain limitations may be followed depending on the patient’s health and the location of the teeth to be extracted. For example, an oral surgeon may prefer to remove teeth by section so the patient can eat properly. However, the general practice is that it is safe to have multiple teeth extracted at once.

What Are The Types Of Multiple Tooth Extractions?

Depending on a patient’s specific needs or goals, an oral surgeon may choose to perform either simple tooth extraction or a surgical tooth extraction procedure. Simple tooth extractions involve removing teeth that are accessible above the gumline. Often, simple tooth extractions are recommended if certain teeth are causing overcrowding in the mouth. This can be the case even if the teeth are healthy but may cause future orthodontic problems.

Surgical tooth extractions are slightly more complicated and can involve an incision so that the oral surgeon can pull a tooth from below the gumline. Sometimes, a tooth may need to be broken up into smaller pieces before removal during surgical teeth extractions. It is common for wisdom teeth to need surgical extraction because they are not fully erupted.

Preparing for Multiple Tooth Extraction

For most patients, multiple tooth extraction can be done in one appointment. If there are circumstances where certain factors make matters more complicated, the extraction may span over a few appointments. It also makes a difference whether the procedure will be a simple or surgical tooth extraction. Oral surgeons typically use local anesthesia to numb the area for simple tooth extractions. IV sedation is commonly used with surgical teeth extractions, also known as general anesthesia.

An oral surgeon will sit with all their patient before any procedure to discuss how to prepare and what to expect. A patient needs to plan for the appropriate days and amount of time off work to recover. A patient may also need someone to drive them home after the procedure if sedation is used.

What to Expect After Multiple Tooth Extraction?

An oral surgeon will take time to discuss everything the patient needs to know about aftercare and the recovery period before having any procedure. They will strive to help minimize discomfort following the procedure and provide specific instructions to reduce the risk of post-procedural complications.

Depending on what type of procedure patients require for multiple tooth extraction, there may be restrictions as to certain activities, foods, drinking from straws, and smoking. Maintaining proper oral hygiene after tooth extractions is also essential, as a clean mouth prevents infection and expedites healing.

An oral surgeon may prescribe certain medications such as antibiotics or something to help with the pain. All medications must be taken diligently and as prescribed by your surgeon.

South Jersey Oral Surgeons at Lanzi Burke Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Perform Safe Multiple Tooth Extractions

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