Teeth in a Day: An Option You May Consider

Broken or missing teeth affect how we look and feel, often leading to oral and overall health problems. Dental implants offer a quick and functional solution that stays securely in place and functions like natural teeth, improving speaking, chewing, self-esteem, and health.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a durable and semi-permanent solution that replaces broken or missing teeth and functions like natural teeth. Implants are surgically placed into the jawbone to serve as artificial tooth roots and create a stable foundation for attaching replacement teeth, referred to as “crowns.”

Though semi-permanent, the longevity of the crowns depends on the patient’s oral hygiene following placement. Approximately 80 percent require replacement within 15 to 20 years due to normal wear and tear. Implants can fail if not properly cared for.

Teeth in a Day involves removing bad teeth and placing dental implants and new teeth all in one appointment. In the initial consultation, the oral surgeon will take 3D scans of your jaws to diagnose the problem and determine whether Teeth in a Day will be an effective treatment option.

Traditional dental implant placements typically require lengthy waiting periods and multiple visits to complete. Teeth in a Day reduces the waiting time between extraction and implantation to preserve bone structure, avoid movement of the other teeth, and restore function and appearance.

What Are the Benefits of Teeth in a Day Implants?

Immediate Teeth in a Day Implants offer many benefits over traditional implant procedures, such as:

  • Instant results: Immediate dental implants can be placed in one appointment, allowing patients to resume everyday routines, speaking and eating immediately after the procedure. 
  • Eliminates bone loss: Implants are placed in the empty sockets left by the extracted teeth, preventing bone loss associated with tooth extraction and stimulating the growth of new bone tissue.
  • Natural-looking results: Implants are matched and blend seamlessly with natural teeth for a functional, healthy, and beautiful appearance of natural teeth.
  • Better quality of life: Immediate implants’ functional and pleasing appearance often restores patients’ self-esteem and reduces discomfort, improving overall health and quality of life.

Immediate implants may not be suitable if you are suffering from an underlying infection, chronic health condition, significant bone loss, or taking certain medications.

What Should I Expect With the Teeth in a Day Procedure?

During the appointment, you will be sedated, and the surgeon will extract one or more teeth and immediately install the dental implant into the empty socket, where it will fuse with the jawbone, replacing the natural root. Once secured, the surgeon will cover it with a temporary crown or bridge, matching the size and color of the adjacent teeth.

You will be provided with specific post-surgical instructions on taking the prescribed medications, foods to avoid, and how to care for your new implants. Over the next few weeks, the implant will gradually integrate with the bone, forming a stable foundation for the permanent crown or bridge that will be replaced in the follow-up appointment. You may experience some swelling, discomfort, or sensitivity following the procedure.

Are There Any Risks With Teeth in a Day Implants?

The risks associated with immediate dental implants are typically low. However, some patients may experience complications, such as developing an infection that slows healing. The most common cause of complications following the implant procedure results from patients not following post-surgical instructions, which can lead to delayed healing or implant loss.

South Jersey Oral Surgeons at Lanzi Burke Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Improve Patients’ Oral Health With Teeth in a Day Dental Implants

If you want a quicker treatment to address broken or missing teeth, our Teeth in a Day dental implants offer an immediate and semi-permanent solution. Contact our South Jersey oral surgeons at Lanzi Burke Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons today to see if the procedure is right for you. Call 856-582-4222 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation. Located in Washington Township, Haddonfield, and Woolwich Township, New Jersey, we serve clients in South Jersey.

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