What are the Different Types of Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery is an excellent option to achieve permanent reconstructive and restorative dentistry outcomes. However, oral surgery is only the umbrella term for a variety of services delivered by oral and maxillofacial surgeons. In fact, each type of unique oral surgery solves at least one specific patient concern. Understanding the following types of oral surgery can help dental patients feel more empowered to make treatment decisions in tandem with their oral surgeon.

Tooth Extractions

Many people trust oral surgeons for tooth extractions, especially in difficult situations. For instance, plenty of young and adult patients have their wisdom teeth surgically removed. Oftentimes, wisdom teeth become impacted, making removal a delicate operation. Oral surgeons have the skill sets and expertise to carefully navigate challenging wisdom teeth extractions, as well as other tooth extractions.

Placement of Dental Implants

Dental implants have arisen as the premiere patient choice for replacing one or more missing teeth. When correctly placed, dental implants carry an appealing success rate and can last for decades with proper dental care. Because the dental implant must fuse with the jawbone, it requires surgical placement. Oral surgeons rely on their training, experience, and advanced software to place implants precisely where they will provide the stability necessary to permanently support a prosthetic tooth.

Bone Grafts

Dental patients sometimes experience bone loss in the jaw, whether from hereditary traits, medical issues, missing teeth, or other reasons. Bone grafts administered by a trained oral surgeon replace lost bone with grafted bone. The grafted bone material may be taken from another part of a patient’s mouth or may be from a donor. In time, the site of the bone graft will heal, which can enable a patient to avoid the visual and functional effects of progressive bone loss. Bone grafts can sometimes be necessary if a patient is not an immediate candidate for dental implant placement due to low bone density in the jaw.

Jawbone Surgeries

In addition to bone grafts, the jaw may require surgical treatments for a number of reasons. These could include a natural deformity or irregularity of the jaw that requires correction through orthognathic surgery, or restoring a part of the jaw that has been injured due to an accident. Jaw surgeries can also assist patients in treating issues related to temporomandibular joint dysfunction, which is a condition wherein the jawbone hinge does not function properly. Although many people with this dysfunction opt for minimally invasive dental solutions first, they may choose oral surgery after exhausting other options.

Maxillofacial Surgeries

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons often concentrate not just on the hard tissues of the mouth, but on other facial tissues and bones as well. For example, maxillofacial surgeons may remove soft tissue from the throat to make breathing more comfortable for sleep apnea patients. Similarly, these types of specialized surgeons can prepare patients to accept facial prosthetics.

What Type of Oral Surgery Do I Need?

Persons who believe that they will require the assistance of an oral surgeon should make an appointment with a well-respected provider in their area. Oral surgeons will work up custom treatment plans in conjunction with their patients based on a thorough examination, understanding of the patient’s medical and dental history, and diagnostics. That way, patients can be sure they are getting the oral surgery services best-suited for their conditions.

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