Oral Surgery Does Not Have to Be Scary

Feeling fear and anxiety upon visiting the oral surgeon for any procedure, such as wisdom tooth removal or getting a dental implant, is a nearly universal human experience. Patients commonly feel anxiety over the potential pain and recovery of oral surgery, usually stemming from a lack of knowledge and what to expect. However, there are steps you can take to help alleviate any concerns or fears for your upcoming surgery, such as:

  • Ask questions: Most patients’ anxiety builds over not knowing what to expect during and after the surgery. Asking staff or the surgeon to walk you through the procedure gives you an understanding of what to expect and will help ease any concern or fear.
  • Sedation: Many oral surgeries require the use of sedation, which aids your surgeon while also reducing your anxiety level. Depending on what type of procedure you are having, there are a range of sedation methods, including numbing topicals, nitrous oxide, and intravenous sedation, which puts you to sleep during the surgery. Discuss the various sedation options available with your surgeon if you are still feeling nervous and want to be more relaxed during the surgery.
  • Distraction: There are distractions that help patients feel more comfortable during their procedure. Your oral surgeon understands the positive aspects of distractions, and most procedure rooms have music or televisions. There are many ways you can help distract yourself as well, such as listening to a podcast or your favorite playlist through headphones, or practice breathing techniques or meditation.

Through the advancement of technology, oral surgery is faster, more precise, safer, and much less painful than ever before. You may experience some level of pain or discomfort during and after your surgery, but you will be given recovery instructions and prescriptions to allow you to heal faster and with less pain.

Preplanning Eases Anxiety

Preparing ahead for recovery often eases patients’ anxiety following surgery. Stock up on food and other necessary supplies for recovery. During your consultation regarding surgery, the surgeon or staff will go over what you may need to provide comfort, aid recovery, and the types of foods to consume and those to avoid. Having all you need before your procedure will make you more comfortable when returning home.

Likewise, develop arrangements with family or friends to assist you following your surgery. If you will be given general anesthesia or heavy sedation, you will need someone else to transport you to and from the surgeon’s office and preferably stay with you for the first six to eight hours in case you need assistance. Getting plenty of sleep the night before your surgery is also quite beneficial.

Oral surgery is a highly specialized procedure, requiring nearly a decade of training and education, and your surgeon would not recommend an oral procedure without establishing that it is necessary to your overall health.

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