The Advantages of Zirconium Bridges for Dental Implants

An oral surgeon has a choice when determining which implant to use for your surgery. Implants may be made of different materials, each with its own benefits. Surgeons are now turning to zirconia implants for many reasons. Some oral surgeons are no longer using porcelain implants because of the superiority of zirconia. Not only do these implants last longer, but they may also look better in your mouth. Always make sure to ask an oral surgeon as many questions as possible about the procedure, including what type of implant they plan on using.

Zirconium Bridges Are More Durable

One of your major concerns is how long the dental implant may last. The last thing you want is to have an additional surgery, both because it can be expensive and there is additional recovery time. Zirconia implants are known to be far more durable than other types. You can feel more confident chewing and know your implant can withstand your mouth’s everyday wear and tear. Porcelain implants are much more likely to chip when they are under any type of stress. Zirconia implants rarely break, reducing the chance of needing another procedure.

Zirconium Implants Fit Well

Zirconia implants will also blend in more naturally into your mouth. Porcelain implants have a metal ridge that may be visible in your smile. The metallic properties of a porcelain or titanium implant can paint and color your gums. Zirconia implants contain no such metallic line, meaning you can smile confidently. Nobody may ever know that you have dental implants.

Unlike standard porcelain implants, zirconia implants may be more customizable to fit the shape and contours of your mouth. Here, the fit of the implant is crucial. The implant used in your mouth may even be customized just for you. Zirconia implants are built using customized computer technology before the surgery. These implants can be designed with laser fit precision.

You Will Experience Fewer Side Effects

Zirconia implants are also safer than other types of implants that may be used in your mouth. Doctors may sometimes utilize titanium implants for your procedure. However, titanium is a form of metal, and metal may have harmful properties that can damage your mouth. In addition, zirconia implants also are hypoallergenic, reducing any discomfort that you may feel. You should expect to not develop any side effects in your mouth after the procedure.

Ask Your Surgeon if They Offer Zirconia Implants

Zirconia implants are relatively new in the United States market. They have only been offered in procedure since 2019. Many oral surgeons have been slow to adopt the use of these implants. However, those who have can perform more effective procedures that promote durability and long-term healing. Even though zirconia implants may be slightly more expensive than more traditional implants, they are well worth the extra price. Not only is there a higher chance of success for your surgery, but you may look better, too. Be sure to understand what may be implanted in your mouth. At Lanzi Burke Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, we proudly offer zirconia implants.

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