Can You Get Dental Implants if You Have Gum Disease?

Gums may not need to be perfect for a dental implant procedure. However, if you have uncontrolled periodontal disease, the procedure may not be a success. You need treatment to get gum disease under control without an active infection before you can have implant surgery that has a chance of being successful. See an oral surgeon to help determine your course of action before getting an implant.

Your oral surgeon may refer you to a periodontist if they believe they cannot currently help you. Your surgeon likely took a close look at your gums before reaching this determination. However, this does not mean that your oral surgeon will never be able to help you. First, you may need to undergo a different type of treatment.

Dental implants can only be inserted into a healthy and strong jaw. Before you can have dental implant surgery, the surgeon will assess the current strength of your jaw and gum line. The doctor would want to be sure that they are fixing an implant to a jaw that can support it. If there is bacteria that is eating away at your gums, the implant could loosen, and you would need additional surgery.

You May Need Gum Treatment First

Before getting a dental implant, you may need a procedure to help rebuild your gums. Periodontal disease could lead to gum loss, and the gum that is left can be insufficient to support the implant. Some patients may require a bone graft or some other revision procedure before they can have further dental surgery. Sometimes, the surgeon would take bone from other parts of your body to augment the gums. The procedure must fully heal before you can have dental implant surgery. It could take months until you are at this point.

There may be some cases in which the gum disease is so severe that you may not be able to receive an implant. However, these cases are when the disease has progressed beyond the point where gum grafting can be helpful. These are only the most serious cases. Nonetheless, any oral surgeon may recommend dentures or bridges when they do not believe an implant surgery can succeed.

If you undergo dental implant surgery, it is crucial that you do everything possible to protect the gums. Even if you have a dental implant, you may still end up with gum disease. Gum care and care for an implant can be completely different things. To be safe, you should also see a periodontist to examine your gums and advise you on how to properly care for them. You may need deep cleaning or root planning to protect your gums.

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