The Step-by-Step Process of Getting Immediate Dental Implants

You have numerous surgical options when you need a dental implant. Some procedures could be performed over a period of months. A newer option allows the surgeon to perform a tooth extraction and removal at one time. Consider an immediate dental implant for your needs. In the meantime, here is what you need to know about the process.

The Surgeon Does Not Always Have to Wait to Perform the Implantation

Sometimes, the surgeon may wait until after extracting the tooth to place the implant in the mouth. In other cases, a patient could get an immediate dental implant, where the extraction and the implantation are done in the same procedure. You may not have to wait weeks or months between the extraction and the implant, leaving a gap in your mouth where your tooth was.

The Surgeon Will First Perform a Comprehensive Evaluation

Before the surgeon performs a procedure, they need to know that you are a candidate for immediate dental implantation. The surgeon would take 3D images of your mouth to gauge the bone quality and quantity in your mouth. Not every patient is a candidate for the procedure because their mouth may not support the implant immediately. The surgeon also analyzes your gum health and your ability to recover from the procedure.

The First Step Is to Remove the Damaged Tooth

Once the surgeon begins the procedure, the first step is to remove the damaged tooth. The surgeon must be very careful when removing the tooth to preserve the area for the implementation. After removing the tooth, the surgeon cleans and prepares the tissue for the new implant. The area needs to be completely clean to support the implant and avoid infection.

Why You May Opt for Immediate Dental Implants

There are numerous reasons why you might want to get immediate dental implants. The obvious benefit is that there is a reduced treatment time and recovery period. You will have your new smile in less time without gaps in your teeth. If you have a hole in your mouth where your teeth were for an extended period, gum loss and infection are more likely. However, immediate dental implants have a slightly higher risk of failure. A surgeon will only perform the procedure if they are confident that you do not have any elevated dangers that could cause failure.

Immediate dental implants may be more cost-effective since the doctor cannot perform two procedures. You can enter the dentist’s office with a damaged tooth and leave with a new one on the same day.

Your surgeon will take the time to explain your options to you when you have your initial consultation with them. You would have the option to choose which procedure works best for you based on the recommendations that your surgeon makes. If you opt for immediate dental implants, you can even have your new tooth as soon as you can make an appointment for the surgery.

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