What Should I Expect During an Initial Consultation for Dental Implants?

The surgeon needs to know that your mouth can support implants. They will assess the overall health of your mouth to see if you are a candidate for the procedure. There is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all approach to dental implants. The surgeon may opt for a different type of procedure, or they may decide not to even perform one at all. Either way, it is vital that they know as much as possible about you before they determine a final treatment plan. Any plan would be in consultation with you, based on your needs and wishes.

The Surgeon Will Have a Conversation With You

There are several steps to a dental implant consultation. Your consultation will begin with a conversation with the surgeon. They will ask you questions about your situation and your goals. You will tell the surgeon what you hope to achieve with an implant procedure.

Then, the surgeon will physically examine your mouth to learn more about you. Ultimately, the surgeon wants to determine whether you are a candidate for dental implant surgery. Some patients may need comprehensive treatment in another area before their mouth can support the implants. For example, a patient may have gum disease, resulting in bone loss, meaning their mouth cannot support implants. They may need a gum revision or implant before getting dental implants.

Your Surgeon Will Perform an Examination of Your Mouth

The surgeon will comprehensively evaluate your mouth during the consultation to learn the potential path forward. They may do the testing the same day as you come for your initial consultation, or they may schedule that part of the evaluation on a different day. The surgeon will take scans and imaging of your mouth to learn its condition. Specifically, the surgeon wants to examine both your gums and how much bone you have in your mouth.

The surgeon is trying to determine whether and what type of implants they can use. Remember that your mouth needs to be healthy enough to support implants, or you may need another procedure in the future. Implants must be soundly anchored in your mouth or may not stay in place.

Before you leave the surgeon’s office, you will have the beginnings of a comprehensive treatment plan for your issue. How everything plays out may depend on how your mouth responds to certain treatments. You should at least know what the surgeon intends to do and the general time frame in which they will do it. Thus, you would have some peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have an experienced surgeon who can work to give you new teeth when you need them.

You also have a role to play during the initial consultation with the surgeon. You should fully report any symptoms that you are experiencing and actively engage with the surgeon. You must ask questions to be fully informed about your future care.

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