Can Trauma Cause TMJ Disorders?

South Jersey Oral Surgeons at Lanzi Burke Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Treat Patients Suffering From TMJ Disorders or Trauma.

Injury to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can occur in many ways, including trauma to the jaw, head, or neck areas. The TMJ is complex and functions as both a ball-and-socket and sliding joint and is responsible for chewing, talking, and swallowing. Acute trauma to the jaw muscles or bones is the most common cause of TMJ injury, such as a direct blow due to a car accident, sports accident, or physical altercation. Repetitive injury to the muscle tissues, such as[…] Read More

Should I Have All Four Wisdom Teeth Removed at Once?

South Jersey Oral Surgeons at Lanzi Burke Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Perform Wisdom Teeth Extraction Surgery.

Due to their location, wisdom teeth are more difficult to clean, making them more susceptible to decay and gum disease that can spread throughout the mouth. Their location also tends to cause overcrowding, misalignment, and damage to other teeth, increasing your risk of developing cavities, infections, and gum disease. Wisdom teeth generally cause issues for most people at some point in their lives. Though some patients do not experience problems with wisdom teeth until their 30s, the majority develop issues[…] Read More

How Common Are Oral Cysts?

South Jersey Oral Surgeons at Lanzi Burke Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Treat Patients With Oral Cysts.

Oral cysts are small fluid-filled growths that occur in the mouth. Most commonly found on the inside of the lips, cysts can also develop on the inside of the cheeks, tongue, palate, mouth floor, and around oral piercings. In most cases, oral cysts are harmless and are typically the result of tooth problems or distressed gums. Though certain cysts can contain infectious bacteria if formed around the roots of infected or dead teeth, within the gums, surrounding impacted wisdom teeth,[…] Read More

How Does 3D Imaging Technology Help Oral Surgeons?

3D Imaging Technology Help Oral Surgeons.

Three-dimensional imaging systems allow oral and maxillofacial practices to provide a whole new level of care for their patients. This state-of-the-art technology offers doctors the ability to diagnose oral health conditions and potential issues with more accuracy than ever before. The use of 3D imaging is not a new technology for many fields, however, advances in applications and accessibility is allowing 3D imaging to be utilized in a number of new industries. For fields requiring high levels of accuracy, such[…] Read More

How Do I Maintain My Dental Implants?

South Jersey Oral Surgeons at Lanzi Burke Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Repair Patients’ Teeth With Dental Implants.

Dental implants offer a durable alternative to replace missing or damaged teeth. Implants are secured to the jaw bones and allow you to chew normally, speak more naturally, and require much less maintenance than dentures. Taking care of your implants after you receive them is vitally important to your oral health, and the life of your implants and begins as soon as your procedure is over. To care for your implants immediately after your procedure, you should: Once you have[…] Read More

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