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The Most Convenient Oral Surgeons in South Jersey

South Jersey's Most Convenient Oral Surgeons

Finding the right team of dental specialist is essential to your comfort and health. The slightest discomfort can impede your day to day life, and if left untreated, can become much more serious. Dental corrections and maintenance methods are too important to let go by the wayside, but also looked at as a luxury amongst the standard health practices . That’s why Lanzi Burke services patients in need as the most convenient oral surgeons in South Jersey. We provide a[…] Read More

We Fix Complex Cases and Surgical Complications

When things go bad with dental implant surgery we fix complex cases and surgical complications. This picture shows a dental implant misadventure referred to us for treatment. A dentist, during a sinus bone graft implant placement, ended up with the implant displaced in the nose. It was removed through the nostril. We love complex implant cases. Call for a consultation and to learn how we fix complex cases and surgical complications.

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